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Episode 4 – Hands Off Our Children Feat. Marvin Columbus, Stacy Bailey, & Patrina Wright

January 25,2012 marked the 4th episode of the Hands Off Our Children Radio Show featuring Marvin Columbus, Stacy Baily and Patrina Wright.
Marvin Columbus took a few students from a local high school, each facing many challenges, and introduced them to boxing.  Immediately it became apparent that this simple boxing program had tapped into a wellspring of potential in these kids.  Marvin realized that this boxing program could expand and help more and more students.  Recognizing the students’ desire to learn and grow into responsible young adults, he decided to form a boxing league for high school-aged students, KO HIGH.
This is where Marvin and KO HIGH come in.  The KO HIGH program is giving these students options, a sense of pride and a passion to want to do better, not only in boxing but also in school and in life.  Time is endless where Marvin is concerned.  He spreads his knowledge of boxing and is the students’ hands-on trainer and mentor.
Participation in KO HIGH has been and remains subject to steadfast criteria:  grades have to be either maintained or brought up to at least a 2.5; proper social conduct has to be adhered to at all times and there is a strict “dress for success” dress code.
Marvin’s two main goals for the KO HIGH program is for kids to finish high school and for this sport to be in college.

Stacy Bailey, a survivor of sexual, mental and emotional abuse while in an adopted home. She is Author of “The Awakening: A Story of Twisted Fate,” which is a fictional depiction of her childhood abuse. This novel was written as a means to bring awareness to child abuse and to inspire others to share their story.  Available at Barnes & Noble,

Patrina, an adult survivor of child sexual abuse and author of “Still Scarred, Totally Healed: Opening your heart and mind to God’s healing of past hurts” written to spread a message of hope, help and healing. Patrina is the executive director for Crossroad Women and Family Services – an abuse prevention, training and advocacy organization.

Patrina is single mother, minister, author, speaker, producer of a talk show “Restore, Recover, & Rebuild.”  She is in the process of birthing a new ministry called “Beyond the Abuse” – where their mission is to help people experience total healing through conferences, retreats,seminars, life-coaching that focuses on recovery.

Patrina wrote “The Exodus: Breaking Cycles and Changing Lives,”  to help survivors thrive, help them know they can prosper, and teach them how to take the rest of their lives back! They can live again, laugh again and breathe again!

Experts estimate: 1 in 12 girls and 1 in 6 boys are sexually abuse before the age of 18.  Statistics also show there are over 39 child sexual abuse survivor in the U.S.  No one just wakes up in the morning and decides to become a crack addict, prostitute, or alcholic. Child sexual abuse is directly linked to a number of social issues. 70-80% of sexual abuse survivors report excessive drug/alcohol abuse. Among the male survivors, 50% have suicidal thoughts, more than 20% attempt suicide.  Young girls who are sexually abused are more likely to develop eating disorders, they run away from home, have unhealthy lifestyle patterns.  More than 60% of first time pregnancy of teens are a result of molestation, rape or attempted rape.