Aug 29 – Troubled Children: You Think You Know But You Have No Idea!

Join us Wednesday, August 29, 2pm-4pm (Pacific) for an all NEW episode on The Hands Off Our Children Radio Show! “Troubled Children: You Think You Know But You Have No Idea.”featuring Bruce Mufson, a Licensed Clinical Social Worker. All acts of violence and mischief do not always come from just being a disobedient “bad” child, it can stem from a trauma or ordeal that no one may know about!  Tune in this Wednesday to hear more! 2PM/5ET

Bruce Mufson is a Licensed Clinical Social Worker who has been working in the field of mental health for the past seventeen years.  He received his Masters from the University of Georgia, and he has worked in Georgia, Missouri and here in Nevada. Bruce has worked in virtually all settings in mental health, from Emergency Rooms, to outpatient settings, to inpatient psychiatric hospitals with children and adults, to working in home with families, foster kids and assessing adolescent sex offenders for the juvenile justice system in Clark County.  Bruce has primarily worked with some of the most violent and  aggressive adults and adolescents in Nevada by spending over ten years at Desert Willow Treatment Center a state psychiatric hospital for children here in Las Vegas, where he was in charge of the adolescent sex offender unit and now working at Rawson Neal psychiatric hospital which is also a state facility, covering a unit that treats the most severely chronically mentally ill adults here in the valley.

Due to his wealth of combat and field experience, Bruce has presented dozens of times on topics such as PTSD, depression, understanding sex offenders and their thinking, the effects of divorce on children, social media and mental health and how to deal with your wife when she drives you nuts.
Since Bruce is clearly living the dream, he has learned how to develop a sense of humor, not take himself to seriously and present information that is clarity and clinically focused so that the individual is able to get a clear perspective on what is going on on with what is generally some of the worst and most horrid moments in their lives.
In his spare time, Bruce who is from Brooklyn, runs support groups for New York Jet’s fans who are often suicidal on how their team is doing by November.

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