High School Senior Ditched by His Friends on Prom Night

For all the fancy trappings and buildup, most people’s prom experiences never quite live up to the as-seen-on-TV expectations. But here’s a real-life story that just might have you believing in fairy tales — about a Chicago boy who was ditched by his so-called friends on prom night but walked away a winner.

John Richards, a DJ for Seattle radio station KEXP, read a letter on May 31 about the high school senior, Jackson Loop, that had been sent by his mother, Sheila Loop; he also played the mom’s request — LCD Soundsystem’s “All My Friends.” Jackson had been excited to go to prom with a group of band friends, the letter explained, but on Saturday, May 26, the day of the prom, he got a group text saying they weren’t doing pre-prom pictures, so he waited until 6 p.m. to get dressed up in his brand-new, custom-tailored suit.  Read More

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