Jan 22 – Saving Our Youth

January 22, 2014.An ALL NEW episode of Hands Off Our Children. Thank you to our special guests Rachael Richardson (founder of A Nu Beginning), and Steve Flores (CEO of Hope Health Center)for swinging through to raise awareness on The Mayor’s Faith Initiative Human Trafficking Workgroup which begins its Nevada Sex Trafficking Awareness Campaign today!  View the Campaign’s documentary trailer “Trafficked No More” by going to: http://www.traffickednomore.org/

Thank you to special guest Rochele HC Hirsch for joining us and sharing her personal insight and energy readings!  Rochele is the author of Relationship Chemistry: Understanding the Unspoken.

Rochele has developed a unique system for identifying the “unspoken expectations” that can support some relationships, but which can also create confusion and even anger in other relationships. With this extra knowledge, people will be better able to cope with their relationships.

Hirsch is an internationally recognized business and relationship consultant with over 30 years of experience in Fortune 500 corporations and start-ups, focusing primarily on organization effectiveness and leadership development.  Her new book blends her business background with her 25 years of research and experience in the phenomenon of personal transformation. Hirsch’s revolutionary Theory of How Come, introduced in the book, provides a different understanding of cause and effect, offering new hope for permanently shifting instinctive reaction patterns that lead to stress and self-sabotage.


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