June 6, 2012 – Episode 20 – Helping & Rebuilding

Tune in this Wednesday, June 6th, for an all new episode of Hands Off Our Children. Marvin Columbus, President of K.O. High Boxing, is swinging by again! Marvin Columbus took a few students from a local high school, each facing many challenges, and introduced them to boxing.  Immediately it became apparent that this simple boxing program had tapped into a wellspring of potential in these kids.  Marvin realized that this boxing program could expand and help more and more students.  Recognizing the students’ desire to learn and grow into responsible young adults, he decided to form a boxing league for high school-aged students, KO HIGH.

Marvin’s goal in forming KO HIGH is not to produce future professional boxers.  It is solely to aid in producing young viable adults who will go on and have healthy and prosperous lives.

Marvin is not only training the students in the sweet science of boxing but also giving them life skills and confidence and instilling hope and passion into lives that otherwise have too little.  Many of the students come from areas that are full of crime;many have low self-esteem;some have parents that are working multiple jobs and whose time is consumed with making ends meet; others have other family issues; all factors that keep them from getting the love, care and attention that they need and crave and that conspire to take the focus off what these kids need most:  Parental Guidance.

This is where Marvin and KO HIGH come in.  The KO HIGH program is giving these students options, a sense of pride and a passion to want to do better, not only in boxing but also in school and in life.  Time is endless where Marvin is concerned.  He spreads his knowledge of boxing and is the students’ hands-on trainer and mentor.

Participation in KO HIGH has been and remains subject to steadfast criteria:  grades have to be either maintained or brought up to at least a 2.5; proper social conduct has to be adhered to at all times and there is a strict “dress for success” dress code.

Visit www.kohighboxing.com for more information.

WE NEED YOUR HELP! Jaslyn is going to talk about her father, Leon Wade CulPepper, who went missing March 15, 2012. He was last seen driving a 2006 Burgandy Nissan Altama with license plate #043TGW.  He is a Black Male, 54 years old, 6ft, 210lb, Black eyes, Black corn roll hair. Anyone with information on Leon Culpepper whereabouts is asked to call the: North Las Vegas Police 702-633-9111  OR  Nevada Center for Missing Loved Ones 702-564-1466

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