Woman Arrested for helping husband video tape sex acts with a 5-year-old girl

ONSLOW COUNTY-NC — An Onslow County woman was arrested Wednesday night for sex crimes she helped her husband commit on a 5-year-old.“You can’t sugar-coat what’s happened here,” said Sheriff Ed Brown.

Laura Elizabeth Anderson, 23, was incarcerated in the Onslow County Jail.
Her bond was set at $100,000. She is charged with first-degree sexual offense, indecent liberties, and crime against nature.

The Onslow County Sheriff’s Office assisted NCIS in executing a search warrant that led to her arrest.

“The wife (Laura Elizabeth Anderson) was on base,” said Sheriff Brown, “had actually been picked up at the main gate and carried to the residence for the purpose of serving the warrant, not only on the residence, but also on the computers they had in the residence.
“An NCIS agent had received information that Anderson and her husband were involved in recording video of sex acts they jointly participated in on a 5-year-old.  Read More…

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