Episode 5 – Patrina Wright and Millicent St. Claire

February 1, 2012 marked the 5th episode of the Hands Off Our Children Radio Show featuring Patrina Wright and Millicent St. Claire
Cogee began the show speaking to the fathers,”When you walk away from the home, you leave your children available to be molested…It’s sad that little kids are a sport nowadays for people, not respected, second-hand citizens….Children are not being taken serious. That’s why we are doing this show, we are going to make you accountable!  When our organization catches you slippin’ we are going to make you pay for it!”

Reappearing on the show is Patrina Wright, an adult survivor of child sexual abuse and author of “Still Scarred, Totally Healed: Opening your heart and mind to God’s healing of past hurts” written to spread a message of hope, help and healing. Patrina is the executive director for Crossroad Women and Family Services – an abuse prevention, training and advocacy organization. She is a single mother, minister, author, speaker, producer of a talk show “Restore, Recover, & Rebuild.” Patrina is in the process of birthing a new ministry called “Beyond the Abuse” – where their mission is to help people experience total healing through conferences, retreats,seminars, life-coaching that focuses on recovery.  She also wrote “The Exodus: Breaking Cycles and Changing Lives,”  to help survivors thrive, help them know they can prosper, and teach them how to take the rest of their lives back! They can live again, laugh again and breathe again!

In this episode, Patrina agreed with Cogee’s statement and added that there needs to be a “M.A.D.” movement started among dads, a “Movement Among Dads.” She stated,”It is important to teach your child that you can best protect them if and when they tell you that something is wrong.  Also, as a parent, listen to your children. Talk to them. Let them know it is an open door policy. Abusers can be an adult friend of the family, family members, someone from the church, a young person, a youth, a coach, cousins, older sibling, their friend, etc.”
Patrina encourages parents to start telling your telling their children that their bodies are precious and they belong to them. “Tell them not to give out their personal phone numbers and addresses, or provacative pictures on the internet. Predators will lure them out to a park where they can rape him/her. Predators will lie and say they are 15 but are really 50 years old.  When a child tells their parents that they have been molested or touched, it is important for a parent not to panic.  You need to listen, offer support, affirming courage and goodness. Tell them it is not their fault. Make sure they believe it. Call someone, seek professional help.  Immediately call a pediatrician, have your child examined.  Follow all the steps that are necessary to take action.”

“Children talk without saying a word. Their body language speaks a thousand words.  Let them know that you will protect them no matter what.  Continue to provide support. No matter what people say, let them know that you will stand by them. Reassure them constantly!”

Patrina talks about play-dates and sleepovers.  She does not recommend them. Miss Peaches agreed, saying “Playdates are a No! There’s nothing that your children need to do overnight that the children can’t get done during the day! So, you’re giving yourself a night off at the expense of your child’s innocense or for the rest of their lives?”

Joining the show is Millicent St. Claire, a seasoned seminar leader, inspirational speaker and author. Using her groundbreaking book Simply Ridiculous and the LIGMO (Let It Go, Move On) Self-Mastery Process she helps learners of all ages break through self-limiting beliefs and behaviors and have a new experience of themselves. Millicent’s one-of-a-kind programs and keynotes are remarkable, relevant and unforgettable. She is also the bestselling author for her writing in Unbreakable Spirit along with Lisa Nichols of The Secret.
Millicent speaks about Doctor David Hawkins who wrote “Power vs Force” a map of human consciousness (shame, grief, fear to love, courage, acceptance, enlightenment) The vast majority are operating at the lower levels of consciousness. We have to talk about solutions to heal these things in consciousness!

Millicent stated, “There are solutions to some of this stuff…not all of it.  Some people need to be locked up because they are not going to change, there’s no redemption for them becausec they are too far gone in consciousness. God help them. There are solutions and we need to focus on that. It is a conversation of forgiveness and healing. Hurt People hurt people. It’s spreading in consciousness.”

Miss Peaches,”Unfortunatly, so many people walk around in fear and panic. They don’t want to panic anybody, they don’t want to do this and don’t want to do that…If we all step forward and brought education and awareness forward with conviction then we empower so many more. Panic is when you don’t know what to do, you’re upside down in a whirlwind…that’s Panic. Being aware..that’s empowering!”

Something that helped Millicent was the book,”The Gift of Fear,” by author Gavin DeBecker.  He talks about violence on all levels.  It empowered her with an understanding of how to respond to situations, when a predator approaches, how predators find their prey, how they look at us and their vulnerabilies.  She started to make decisions on how to never be a victim again and that gift of fear, that intuitive voice that we all have…
“Who are we as individuals, who are we collectively, who are we becoming? Are we working on being our best selves? The goal is to teach people to honor and to respect and have a reverence for all of life and live in the higher self and to strive for the higher consciousness…We need to study healing these things in consciousness and addressing the root cause of it.”

Download and listen to this episode for more great conversations with Cogee, Miss Peaches, Elsa Prado, Patrina Wright and Millicent St. Claire!


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