Episode 7 – “Male Survivors” featuring Jeffery M. Leving (Father’s Rights Attorney), Christopher Smith (Attorney), and Gabe Wright (male rape survivor).

FEB 15, 2012  Episode 7 – Hands Off Our Children:  Male Survivors featuring Jeffery M. Leving (Father’s Rights Attorney), Christopher Smith (Attorney), and Gabe Wright (male rape survivor).

Jeffery M. Leving is the internationally acclaimed author of two ground-breaking books, Fathers’ Rights and Divorce Wars and was selected by his peers as one of Illinois’ top attorneys. Of the same firm, Christopher Smith, is also committed to protecting the rights of fathers and their children with the goal fostering continuing and positive relationships and strengthening the bonds that lead them to a more rewarding life. Both Jeffery and Chris are going to tell us what every parent should know about children without fathers.

When Christopher “The Battlefield” Smith goes into court, on behalf of his clients, failure is simply not an option.  Christopher earned his Juris Doctorate at Loyola Law School in Los Angeles and although his practice is now focused exclusively on family law, he also has extensive experience representing clients in civil and commercial litigation, bankruptcy and estate planning.  He is licensed to practice law in the state courts of Illinois and Nevada, as well as the United States District Courts for the Northern District of Illinois and the District of Nevada.  Mr. Smith also has a wealth of experience with all forms of Alternative Dispute Resolution, including arbitration and mediation.

Christopher stated that Nevada has been amongst the top 2 or 3 states in the country per capita of children dying from the effects of child abuse and neglect. He goes on to say “Pay attention to what goes on around you.  If you see that is happening to a child, if there is something going wrong, report it to the authorities.  You may save a child’s life.”

In answer to Cogee’s question, “Are abused kids being taken out of abused homes fast enough?” Mr. Smith replied “No!  Nevada and in particular, Clark County our resources are overburdened because some of our elected officials have not taken this situation seriously and have provided the resources to various organizations that can help in this regard to protect our kids. And unless we demand change in that area it is not going to happen. I encourage all your listeners to do just that. Call your city council persons, call your county commisioners,call your state legislatures and let them know that this is an important issue and that it deserves bigger attention and contribution from the state.”

Cogee welcomed Jeffery M. Leving onto the show.  Named one of “America’s Best Lawyers” by Forbes Radio™, Jeffery M. Leving is the internationally acclaimed author of the ground-breaking books, Fathers’ Rights, Divorce Wars, and the soon to be released How to Be a Good Divorced Dad. Leving was congratulated on his new book by President Obama in addition to receiving a recent endorsement by Francis Cardinal George of the Archdiocese of Chicago. As a tireless advocate for Fathers’ Rights, Jeffery M. Leving has co-authored important family laws including the Illinois Joint Custody Law. Leving is also the Governor-appointed Chair of the Illinois Council on Responsible Fatherhood and is also President Emeritus of the Fatherhood Educational Institute.

Cogee gave Mr. Leving a warm welcome, “It’s an honor to have you on my show today.  You are out there fighting.  You know what it is like to be on the battlefield from a fight. You got your wounds from it and you got your wins from it.  Tell us what does it feel like when you go out to fight for a child, the night before you got that big case, how are you inside?”

Leving, “Some nights it is very difficult to sleep…because the most difficult client to represent is a father who is falsely accused of abuse and who is also trying to protect his child who is being abused by a perpetrator of a false allegation(s). Most lawyers are weak, who don’t have fire in their belly. There are very few lawyers out there like Chris Smith that are tigers in a court room and work 24 hours a day to protect children.”

“Our children are in danger. In Nevada, a lot of children are going to grow up with the absence of their fathers.  Sexual abuse for children is the absence of a biological father.  In Nevada, there is such a low paternity establishment rate compared to the great amount of children being born out of wedlock, that is one of the reasons there is such a high rate of sexual abuse.”

“There are many cases of innocent people being convicted of crimes they didn’t commit because the system is broken.  There is terrible discrimination in the system.  According to statistics  66%-70% of African American compared to 35% Hispanic, and 27% of White children living in homes absent of their biological fathers, because the discrimination against African American fathers. It is an epidemic.”
“Any man’s loss of his child diminishes mankind,” says Jeffery.

“According to statistics, children that are father absent are more likely to exhibit violent behavior.  The absence of a biological father increases by 900% the daughter’s vulnerability to rape and sexual abuse.  If you look at the statistics fathers are parents too and are important. There’s a growing correlation between fatherless males and their violence against women.”

Both Jeffery and Chris have defended fathers who have been falsely accused of abuse or molestation and describe how devastating and damaging it can have on not only the father but the child as well, leaving a stigma and a record viewed by future employers.  They both tell how important it is to never admit to a confession for a crime you never committed. “You do have a right to speak to an attorney.  One very important thing to do if you have won a case against false allegations is to ask for a court order to seal documents from being public records and impound the files so no one can have access them.”

Jeffery’s new book “How to Be A Good Divorced Dad” can be ordered online at www.DadsRights.com or call (312)807-3990.

Joining the show is Gabe Wright, who became a male rape victim at the age of 22 and now considers himself a male rape survivor.  He is on the social awareness committee as the male empowerment director at PAVE: Promoting Awareness, Victim Empowerment. Gabe is the Founder and Chief EMPOWERment Guy at The Guys Project. Hear his emotional and yet powerful story!

He wants the main message out there for rape crisis centers and organizations to be changed on how they do their marketing, that they should not only support women and children, but men also.  To as a community, start a conscious effort to stop jokes about male rape and understand it is just as serious.  We need to get men involved and to speak out against violence.  There are a lot of people that will support you, you will be believed.  There might be one person who won’t believe, but there are thousands else that will.  So move on to the next person that will!

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